All Home-Made Vegan Products:- Everything is Made Here at the Olive Garden Restaurant. No Products are Bought in Therefore we can Guarantee Everything is Vegan
Rustic Smoked Cheese
Vegan Chick@n Nuggets
Crispy Coated Vegan Chick*n Nuggets Served with Chunky Chips or French Fries, Side Salad & Vegan Home-Slaw
Vegan Healthy Option
Vegan Scrambled Egg on Toast with Tomatoes
Vegan Full English Breakfast
Vegan BLT Sandwich Deluxe
Vegan Healthy Option Breakfast:- €7.75 2 Scrambled No-Eggs, 2 Vegan Streaky Bacon, Griddled Fresh Tomatoes with 2 Toast & Spread.
Scrambled Eggs on Toast:- €6.85 Traditionally Pan Cooked Vegan Scrambled No-Eggs on 2 x Farm-House Vegan Toast with Griddled Tomatoes
Vegan Full English Breakfast €7.45 Farmhouse Vegan Toast V+ Streaky Bacon Hash Brown V+ Frankfurt Sausage Scrambled No Egg Grill Tom Branston Beans Fresh Mushrooms
2 Slices of Crispy V+ Streaky Bacon Fresh Lettuce & Sliced Spanish Tomato, Made into an Open Sandwich on our Vegan Farmhouse Lightly Toasted Bread. Served with Chunky Chips & Side Salad.
Vegan Blt Stack Sandwich Special €9.95
Vegan Farm-House Granary Bread Sandwich Choose 3 Items of Either V+Ham, Lettuce, Red Onion Sliced Tomatoes, Cucumber Vegan Grated Cheese. Included Vegan Coleslaw & Vegan Mayo Served with French Fries or Chunky Chips Extra Items from 1 euro
Vegan Soft Granary Home-Baked Bread
Crispy “No” Chick!n Strips
Meaty, Tender Jackfruit Cooked, Pulled, Griddled, Flamed & Tossed in a Homemade BBQ Sauce Slipped into a Rustic Soft Malted Burger Bun. Served with French Fries or Chunky Chips, a Crisp Side Salad & Vegan+ Home-Slaw.
3 x Home-Made Louisiana Style Triple Coated XXL Chick'n Strips with Lightly Flavoured Herbs & Spices. The Final Coating of Cornflakes Gives a Real Crunch. Served with Home V+Slaw 2 Dips & Chunky Chips or Skin on French Fries
Shredded Smoked Cheese on Top of an 225g Awesome Impossible Burger Griddled & Flamed Slipped into a Rustic Soft Malted Burger Bun with Vegan Burger Sauce, Red BBQ Sauce, Crispy Onion Bits, Lettuce, Tomato & Red Onion, Dill Pickles Chunky Chips or French Fries & a Bowl of Vegan Home-Slaw.
Double Burger
Single Burger
Vegan Caesar Salad 12.95 Freshley Tossed Salad with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Red Onion & Crispy Garlic Croutons. Vegan Crispy Coated Chick`n with Vegan Streaky Bacon, Home-Made Caesar Salad Dressing & Vegan Parmesan Cheese Sprinkled on Top Unbelievable Real !!!!!!!
225g Home-Made Awesome Impossible Burger Served in a Large Soft Malted Roll with V+ Mayo, Ketchup, Dill Pickles, Lettuce, Fried Red Onion & Tomato with Chunky Chips or French Fries. With or Without Shredded Vegan Cheese & Home-V+ Slaw.