Home-Made Soups

Choice of 3 Home-Made Soups Cream

of Tomato, Cheesy Beer or Broccoli &

Stilton. All come with Garlic Bread.


Garlic Bread

Toasted Farmhouse Bread with

Real Dairy Butter, Fresh Garlic &


Garlic Bread


Topped with Cheese


Prawn Cocktail

Succulent & Tasty Jumbo Prawns

Mixed with a Home-Made Marie Rose

Sauce, Served on a Bed of Shredded

Lettuce with a Wedge of Lemon &

Farmhouse Home-Made Bread.


Tempura King Prawns

5 King Prawns in a Beer Tempura

Crispy Coating. Served with Sweet

Chilli Sauce & a Salad Garnish.

8.95 7.95

JalapeƱo Side Kickers

JalapeƱos Stuffed with Cheese,

Coated in Bread Crumb,Deep Fried

Till Golden Brown Served with a

Garnish & Bronco Berry Sauce.

Sharing Potato Dippers Deep Fried Potato Shells with 2 Pots of Dips Chunkey Salsa & Garlic & Lemon Dip

Potato Dippers