Oli Menu

Louisiana Style Chicken Rocks

Chicken Rocks in a lightly Seasoned

Batter Made from 100% Chicken Breast.

8 or 4 Pieces of Chicken Rocks,French

Fries or Chunky Chips, Home-Slaw &

Choice of 2 Dips.

4 Pieces 7.50 8 Pieces 11.50

Louisiana Style Chicken Strips

Home-Made Louisiana Style Triple

Coated XXL Chicken Strips with Lightly

Flavoured Herbs & Spices. The Final

Coating of Cornflakes Gives a Real

Crunch. Served with Chunky Chips or

French Fries, Baked Beans & 2 Dips.

2 Pieces 7.95 3 Pieces 10.95

Popcorn Chicken

Kentucky Style Popcorn Chicken

Made from 100% Chicken Breast.

100g or 150g of Popcorn Chicken

Served with Chunky Chips or French

Fries, Home-Slaw &

a Choice of 2 Dips.

100g  7.50 150g 10.50

Baby Back Ribs

Tender & Juicy Ribs that Slide Right off

the Bone. Comes with Baked Potato,

Chunky Chips or French Fries & Steamed

Veg or Fresh Salad. Choose from

Classic BBQ Sauce, Tennessee J.D. BBQ

Sauce or Black Jack BBQ Sauce.

15.95 Full Rack 12.95Half Rack

South Carolina Pulled Pork


The Pork Shoulder is Dry Rubbed First

Then Slow Cooked for 12 Hours this

Makes for Tender, More Flavourful

Pulled Pork. In the Final Hours of

Cooking, the Meat is Glazed with a

Tennessee Style Home-Made BBQ Sauce.

Served in Home-Baked Bread or Burger

Bun & Topped with Coleslaw. Served

with Chunky Chips or French Fries & a

Bowl of Ranch Beans Wow!!!


North Atlantic

Fillet O Fish Burger

Atlantic Cod Piece in a Home-Made

Beer Batter Slid into a XXL Burger

Bun with Tartar Sauce, Ice-Berg

Lettuce Sliced Tomatoes & Pickles.

Comes with Home-Style Chips or

French Fries & Baked Beans.


Oli Burger Special

Pure Ground Beef Burger Served

in a XXL Home-Made Burger Bun

Comes with Chunky Chips or

French Fries

9.95 with or Without Cheese
Cap’n Oli’s Fish & Chips An 8oz Battered Cod Fillet Deep Fried until Crisp & Golden. Served with Either Home-Made Chips or French Fries, Bread & Butter & Garden Peas or Baked Beans & a Wedge Of Lemon.

Oli Pizza

Home-Made Pizza with San

Marzano Tomato Sauce & Cheese.

Choose from the Following.

Pizza-Margarita:- Sliced Spanish Tomatoes & Three Cheese’s. Pizza-Organic Drift:- Onion, Red Peppers, Mushrooms & Tomatoes. Pizza-Tropicana:- Ham, Pineapple & Cheese. Pizza-Pepperoni Dragon:- Salami & Pepperoni Sausage. Pizza-Pepperoni:- Pepperoni Sausage. Pizza-Zeek The Greek:- Feta Cheese, Tomatoes, Red Pepper & Olives. Pizza-Chicken Caesar:- Fresh Chicken, Sliced Onion & Parmesan Cheese. Pizza-Neptune:- Tuna, Red Onion, Bell Pepper & Sliced Spanish or Make your Own
Served with a small Portion of Chips & Garnish
Portion of Onion Rings 3.00 Portion of Chunky Chips 2.95 Portion of French Fries 2.95

Chip Shop Style Chips 3.95

250g Pot of Home-Slaw 1.95 500g Pot of Home-Slaw 3.50 70g Pot of Garlic Sauce 1.00