Polish Boy

Brioche Sandwich

The Polish Boy is a sausage sandwich native to Cleveland,

Ohio, US. It consists of a link of kielbasa sausage

(Similar to a Giant Bratwurst Frankfurt Sausage)

placed in a Home-Baked XXL Brioche Hod Dog bun,

and covered with a layer of french fries,

a layer of barbecue sauce & a layer of Coleslaw.

served on a Slate with French Fries & Home-Slaw

Philadelphians Pat and Harry Olivieri are often credited with inventing the Sandwich by Serving Chopped Fillet Steak on an Italian roll in the early 1930s Ours is Fillet Steak with a Stack of fried Red Onions, Red, Green & Yellow Peppers & Melted Cheddar Cheese. Served in a XL Home-Baked Burger Bun on a Slate with Home-Slaw & Chunky Chips or French Fires For That Extra Kick Get it Mixed with JalapeƱos (Please Ask The waitress)
Super Melt

Chopped cheese is a New Yorker sandwich

Originating from Harlem and The Bronx.

It is made by stacking ground

Black Angus Beef & Onions,

Melted American Cheddar Cheese,

Lettuce, Tomatoes, & Garlic Sauce

on a Home-Baked Soft Chewy

Buttery Hoagie Roll. Served with French

Fries or Chunky Chips & Home-Slaw


Carnitas Stack


200g of Carnitas ( Pulled Pork) on a Bed of Home-Made Chipotle Jam, Home-Slaw, Onion Rings all Crambed into a Soft Baked XXL Roll. Comes with or Without Cheddar Jack Melted Cheese. Served with Chunky Chips or French Fries & Home-Slaw
The Classic Beef N' Cheddar Originated from a Famous Canadian Restaurant Chain. 250g of Thinly Sliced Slow Roasted Steak Packed into a Soft Home-Baked XL Bun With BBQ Sauce on the Bottom & Real American Cheddar Cheese Sauce on Top. Served on a Slate with French Fries or Chunky Chips & Home-Slaw
Beef 'N Cheddar
100% Irish Flame-Grilled Angus Beef Patties, Mayonnaise, Fresh Arugula (Rocket), Juicy Beef Tomatoes, Crispy Bacon & Oak Smoked Cheddar Cheese, All on a Soft Home-Baked XL Brioche Bun. Served on a Slate with Chunky Chips or French Fries & Home-Slaw

Single Burger 13.95

Double Burger 16.95