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Coming Soon Home-Made

Chicken Shawarma Burger

Coming Soon Home-Made

Chicken Shawarma Burger

King Club Sandwich

Lightly Toasted Home-Baked Farmhouse White or Granary Bread, wth Hellmans Mayonaise & a Light Coating of Dijon Mustard Roast Chicken Breast, 2 x Rashers of Crispy English Bacon & 2 Slices of York Ham on a Bed of Ice-Berg lettuce, Sliced Beef Tomato Topped with or Without Melted Flame Grilled Gouda Cheese Chunky Chips on the Side & Garnish Note :- with or without Hellmans Mayonaise with or without Dijon Mustard Please State Your requirement
Here Now at the Olive Garden Deli
Lightly Toasted Home-Baked White Farmhouse XXL Flat Bread Lighlty Coated in Hellmans Mayo, Topped with Shredded Ice-Berg Lettuce, Sliced Beef Tomato, Slow Roasted Brisket a Drizzle of Bourbon BBQ Sauce, 2 x Slices of American Cheese & Finally 2 Rashers of Crispy Bacon. Served with Home-Slaw & Chunky Chips on the Side
Atlantic Cod Fish Pie
Atlantic Cod Fish Pie
Atlantic Cod Fillet in a Velvety & Yummy Creamy Sauce, Covered in Cheddary Cheesy Mash. Served with a Pile of Peas or seasonal vegetables
XXL Club Bagel deluxe
Beer Battered Cod Strip Pieces in 3 Crispy Taco Shells on a Bed of Shredded Lettuce, Diced Red Onion, Fried Onion Bits & Tartar Sauce. Served with Garden peas or Mushy peas & Chip-Shop Style Chips.
Home-Baked XXL Everything Seed Topping Bagal Lightly Toasted Club Bagel deluxe with Hot Roast Chicken, 2 rashers of Crispy bacon 2 Slices of York ham, Iceberg Lettuce, Sliced beef Tomatoes & Garlic Sauce. Topped With or Without Grated Cheese. Served with Chunky Chips & Side Salad.
Here Now at the Olive Garden Deli

Doner Ke-Bab

A Large Home-Made XXL Soft Bap

Stuffed with Flame Grilled Doner

Kebab Meat on top of Ice-Berg

Lettuce, Sliced Red Onion & Beef

Tomato, with or without Pickles

Topped with Garlic Sauce. A Pot of

Home-Made Chilli Sauce on the Side

to Ladle over the Meat. Served with

Chunkey Chips or French Fries &



Doner Ke-Bab Sandwich Bap

Supreme Crispy Chicken

Burger Deluxe

Home-Made American Style Crispy

Chicken Burger Topped with 2 Slices

of American Cheese, 2 Crispy Bacon,

2 Onion Rings in a Home-Made XXL

Bun with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion,

Ketchup, Mayo & Topped with Garlic

Sauce. Comes with Chunky Chips or

Skin on French Fries & Home-Slaw.

12.95 with or Without Cheese Please State The bacon egg and cheese *BEC* sandwich is the quintessential New York-style breakfast.   Quite simply, it includes 3 x crispy bacon, 2 x fried eggs, 2 x yellow American cheese Slices, all piled into a Brioche-Super Enriched Buttery sandwich XXL roll with Ketchup, Sea Salt, & Cracked Black Pepper, As simple as it is, it's often hard to find anywhere  outside of the New York metro area. The Olive Garden Deli Now Brings This Breakfast Marvel to You. Served in a Sandwich Wax Paper and Foil to Self Steam for Ultimate Softness & Experience €7.95 NYC BEC Sandwich Here Now at the Olive Garden Deli

Introduced to New York by 19th century

Eastern European immigrants & also

one of the foods most synonymous with

New York city. Brined and coated in

strong spices including black pepper,

mustard seed, coriander, & garlic, beef

briskets are smoked & then steamed to

create the delicacy's signature

meltingly soft texture. Just Like Our

Home-Made Pastrami.

Here Now

Pastrami King

Stack Sandwich

The King of Sandwiches from New

York, this Meaty Skyscraper

Packed with Pastrami (200g),

Fried Red Onion & Flame Melted

Cheese & American Cheese in

Home-Baked Lighty Toasted

Soft American Rye Bread

Served with Side Salad,

Chunky Chips or french Fries

& Home-Slaw.