Coming Soon Olive Garden Deli
13.95 with or Without Cheese Please State
Here Now at the Olive Garden Deli

Crispy Chicken Ranch

Burger Deluxe

Home-Made American Style Crispy

Chicken Burger Made from Lightly

Seasoned, Chopped & Shaped

Chicken Fillets Coated in Panco

Bread Crumbs. Topped with Monterey

Cheddar Jack Cheese, 2 Crispy

Bacon, Ranch Dressing in a Home-

Baked XXL Bun with Lettuce, Tomato,

Onion, Ketchup, Mayo & Comes with

Chunky Chips or French Fries & Home-


The Classic Beef N' Cheddar Originated from a Famous Canadian Restaurant Chain. 250g of Thinly Sliced Slow Roasted Steak Packed into a Soft Home-Baked XL Bun With BBQ Sauce on the Bottom & Real American Cheddar Cheese Sauce on Top. Served on a Slate with French Fries or Chunky Chips & Home-Slaw
Beef 'N Cheddar

Its the Best Thing on the Planet.

Creamy Cheese Sauce &

Macaroni Noodles is Heaven.

Get Your Bowl Now.

Served in a Bowl with Grated

Parmesan Cheese & Farmhouse

Home-Baked Garlic Bread

Black Angus Mozzarella Steak Burger
Char-Grilled 100% Black Angus Beef Burger, Sliced Beef Tomato, Ice-Berg Lettuce, Battered Onion Ring, America Cheddar Cheese & 4 Mozzarella Cheese Sticks with Ketchup on Top All in a Soft Home-Baked XL Brioche Bun. Served on a Slate with Chunky Chips or French Fries & Home-Slaw


\MeatBall Marinara Double Stack \MeatBall Marinara Double Stack Brioche XXL Bun   Home-Baked XXL Brioche Bun with a Double Layer of Home-Cooked Meatballs in a Marinara Sauce & a Double Layer of American Cheese. Served with Chunky Chips or French Fries on a Slate 14.95