Whitby Breaded Scampi &

Home-Style Chips

Breaded Wholetail Scampi Straight-

Cut Home-Style Chips, Garden Peas

or Mushy Peas, Farmhouse Bread &

Butter, Tartar Sauce & Wedge of




Jumbo Battered Sausage 2.50 Chip Shop Curry Sauce (New recipe) 2.50 Portion of Chunky Chips 2.95

Straight-Cut Home-Style Chips 3.95

Portion of French Fries 2.95 Extra Slice of Bread & Butter 1.50 Extra Pot of Mushy Peas 1.50 Extra Pot of Garden Peas 1.50

Battered Sausage

2 Jumbo Pork Sausages Freshly

Battered Served with Creamy Mash

or Straight-Cut Home-Style

Chips, Peas or Baked Beans

Farmhouse Bread & Butter & a Jug

of Gravy.

Beer Battered Cod Fillet Strips 12.95
Strips of Beer Battered North Atlantic Cod Pile of Chip Shop Style Chips Pot of Garden Peas or Mushy Peas, Tartar Sauce, Bread & Butter


Atlantic Cod Fish Pie
Atlantic Cod Fish Pie
Atlantic Cod Fillet in a Velvety & Yummy Creamy Sauce, Covered in Cheddary Cheesy Mash. Served with a Pile of Peas or seasonal vegetables

To Keep the Ever Rising Cost of Atlantic Cod Down

we Now Buy 64oz Cod Fillets in and Slice them in to

Strips. Same Fish Same Great Taste Just Extra Crisp

& Better Value

Fish Menu Not Available

on Sunday Daytime

Fish Strips or Scampi & Chips

Freshly Prepared Atlantic Cod STRIPS

or Hake Fillets in a light Beer Batter

or Whole Tail Scampi Both Served with

all the Trimmings.

“New” from the Canadian Atlantic Ocean

Large 8 to 12 oz Beer Battered

Boston Hake.

Which Belongs to The Cod Family,

but Has a More Delicate Texture

& has the Same Taste as Cod.

10oz Beer Battered Boston Hake Fillet

Served with Chip Shop Style Chips, Pot of

Garden Peas or Mushy Peas,

tartar Sauce, Bread & Butter


Boston Hake