Baileys Cheesecake

Take a Creamy Traditional Cheesecake

Recipe with a Home-Made Biscuit Base.

The smooth, Creamy Liqueur Gives this

Celebration Cheesecake the Wow

Factor. Topped with Grated Chocolate.

Apple Crumble

This Recipe is an all-time Favourite

of those Hankering after the

Ultimate Tarty but Sweet Apple, with

a Soft Crumberly Topping. Served

with Rich Vanilla Bean Custard.

Irish Coffee

Mix Together the Brown Sugar with

you Favourite Liqueur or Spirit in a

Hot Glass, Heat them Together, then

Set Fire to Alcohol. Pour in the

Expresso Coffee & Top with Fresh

Whipped Cream. You now have the

Perfect Liqueur Coffee

Tropical - (Malibu)

Mississippi - (Southern Comfort)

Tennessee - (Jack Daniels)

Seville - (Cointreau)

Irish - (Jameson)

Calypso - (Tia Maria)

Gaelic - (Glenfiddich Whisky)

Highland - (Drambuie)

Jamaican - (Dark Rum)




New York Cheesecake Decadently Rich in Taste, but Fluffy in Texture. This New York Cheesecake recipe Rivals the Best Served in New York. Served with Fresh Cream  5.95


Snickers Brownie A Thick Triple Chocolate Brownie Base Layered with Gooey Caramel, Nutty Marshmallow Nougat, & Topped with Creamy Chocolate, this Snickers Brownie is Pure over the top Decadence! Served Warm with or Without Vanilla Bean Custard.