Deli Sports
Special Deals for 2 From Our Menu Plus Light Bites & Finger Food Only While Live Events are Shown
Fish & Chips Special Offer Special for 2 2 Large Beer Battered Atlantic Cod  2 x Large Portions Home-Made Chips  2 x Mushy Peas or Garden Peas 2 x Slices Bread & Butter 2 x Tartar Sauce 2 x Wedges of Lemon 1 x Jumbo Battered Sausage or 1 x Jumbo Savaloy Sausage or 1 x Spam Fritter                        1 x Large Gerkin    250ml Pot of Chip Shop Curry Sauce

All for 25 Euros


Beer Battered Cod Bites

6 Atlantic Beer Battered Cod Bites

Served with Home-Made Chips & 2 Dips.

Choose from Sweet Chilli, Tartar Sauce,

Mary Rose Sauce & a Wedge of Lemon

Hot Wings

Finger ‘Lickin’ Hot Chicken Wings. 8

Pieces of Hot Wings Served with

Chunky Chips or French Fries, Home

Slaw, Side Salad & a Choice of 2 Dips.


Popcorn Chicken

Kentucky Style Popcorn Chicken Made

from 100% Chicken Breast. 15 Pieces of

Popcorn Chicken Served with Chunky

Chips or French Fries, Home-Slaw, Side

Salad & a Choice of 2 Dips.


Tripple Deck Bacon

Cheese Burger Sliders

3 x Bacon & Grilled Cheese Slider

Burgers. Mini Home-Made Soft Rolls

Dressed with Lettuce, Sliced Toms, Red

Onion & Pickle with Ketchup & Mayo,

Served on a Plank with Home-Made

Chips, Chunky Chips or Shoe String

Fries with Home-Slaw.


Louisiana Style

Chicken Rocks

Chicken Rocks in a lightly Seasoned

Batter Made from 100% Chicken Breast. 8

Pieces of Chicken Rocks, French Fries or

Chunky Chips, Home-Slaw, Garnish &

Choice of 2 Dips.